Boat Insulation Cork

Boat Insulation Cork - OS Insulate

Spray foam insulation can be applied to boats to protect them from problems such as cold temperatures, internal moisture, mould and rot. It can be used on any type of boat such as luxury craft, sailboats, narrow boats, canal boats, barges, tugs, fishing boats, large trawlers, cargo boats and also within these boats where refridgeration and cooling is a concern.

Spray foam insulation is an excellant alternative to commonally used insulation materials such as fiberglass and rock wool. Two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin, are heated and combined at the tip of a dispensing gun to form an expanding foam that can be sprayed onto any material which then quickly transforms into thick, hard foam insulation.

Why use spray foam insulation?

It is easy to apply, even to the most difficult areas of any boat like crevices and small tricky areas that could not be insulated by other insulation products. The application is also a quick process which causes minimal disturbance and interuption of activities.

It strengthens exterior and interior walls of boats with its durable and strong density that guarantees no heat loss and provides an air tight seal. It also reduces the risk of internal dampness and condensation in any boat big or small. It is an extremely light material and will not add much additional weight to the craft. Spray foam insulation lasts a lifetime so there will never be the need to insulate again.

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