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Sourced from a number of 100% Irish-owned companies, OS Insulate can offer a range of green products that will not only help the environment but will also reduce your Energy Cost savings over time.


An innovative, Irish-made product, Climote allows customers have remote access to their home heating systems, ensuring Energy Savings while adding convenience. Turning on or off your heating will never be easier – do it from the office before you leave work for the evening or from your laptop or mobile phone without even getting out of bed in the morning. Link:

Solar Panels

We all know that Ireland's weather is unique and that inspired the guys at Energy Networks to design a Solar Panel specifically for the Irish climate. Covered by SEAI grants, these panels are made to perform even in dull and overcast conditions and provide free hot water following a quick and easy installation process. Link:

Eco Grate

A highly-efficient open fire grate, the Eco Grate has the heating capability of a stove without the cost of coal fires and home heating oil. Link:
Grates range in price from €500 to €800.

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