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Energy Auditing - OS Insulate

The first step in assessing how much energy your home or business consumes is an Energy Audit. Our Audits differ for private and commercial properties.

A Home Energy Audit evaluates what measures you should take to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment will highlight any problems that can or should be solved and can save you and your family significant amounts of money over time. In essence, the Audit will show you where your house is losing energy and where its strengths lie.

Commercial Property Audit

Our auditors also provide a personalised and on-site service for commercial business - examining your property, energy consumption and all key elements that affect energy efficiency. A tailored report will be put together for your company and will include model products and services that you might consider. This provides a fully-costed financial projection for implementing any efficiency changes and recommendations, both of which are based on reliable evidence.

One of the most cost-effective ways of saving your business money is to reduce the amount of energy being used and improve energy efficiency. By identifying and investing in energy-saving measures, reduced energy consumption will lower your company's costs and increase profits.

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